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Finally, a fan-site about Moosebutter!

What is Moosebutter, you ask?

Well, Moosebutter is a band focusing on non-instrumental music (this is called a capella) consisting of four main singers. Their style is funny, fresh, and very random. Their songs include Captain Organic Vegetable Man, Uncle Earl's Hairpiece, Turkey Dance, and much much more, and you can purchase them all on their website at

This site is dedicated to them.

Now, please check out the links, updates, and polls below.




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2/6/06: Hehehe... Weston joined.

11/9/05: I have finished the site! Hopefully! We'll see what TFL thinks about it. ;)

110/4/05:... *twitch*.... have you seen the new moosebutter merchandise? It's scary... buy it now!

9/17/05: OMG we're an official fanlisting!!! Check out the button!!!

8/25/05: OMG Tim just joined! Par-tay! *does a jig*(mosquitomosquitomosquito)

8/05: Yay, the site is up and running! HUZZAH! Many thanks to Rubber Monkey, the turkey in my shoe, and Bink for all his fuzzy-cute-kittyness.

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Which song is moosebutter's greatest?
Captain Organic Vegetable Man
Star Wars
The Alphabet Song
Turkey Dance
I Hate Mosquitos
Ghost Chickens in the Sky
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